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Green World Products price list South Africa

1. Cordyceps Plus Caps R240
2. Spirulina Plus Caps R252
3 Propolis Plus Caps R324
4 Ganoderma Plus Caps R276
5 Cardio Power Caps R228
6 Soy Power Caps R216
7 A Power Caps R480
8 Vig Power Caps R312
9 Ginseng RHs Caps R456
10 Proslim Tea R144
11 Kuding Plus Tea R144
12 Pine Pollen Tea R168
13 Intestine Cleansing Tea R156
14 Balsam Pear Tea R156
15 Lipid Care Tea R168
16 Breast Care Tea R180
17 Ganoderma/Blueberry Coffee R216
18 Kidney Tonifying Caps (Men | Women) R360
19 Protein Powder R420
20 Multivitamin (kids) R102
21 Multivitamin (adults) R276
22 Calcium for kids R102
23 Calcium for adults R264
24 Zinc tablets (kids) R108
25 Zinc tablets (adults) R192
26 Soybean Lecithin R240
27 Deep Sea Fish Oil R300
28 Garlic Oil Softgel R270
29 Eye Care Softgel R336
30 Chitosan Capsules 288
31 Aloe Vera Plus Caps R252
32 Compound Marrow Powder R312
33 Gingko Biloba Caps R270
34 Grape Seed Plus Caps R348
35 Clear Lung Tea R168
36 Royal jelly Softgels R222
37 Hepatsure Caps R312
38 lshine Capsule R264
39 Parashield Caps R180
40 Slimming capsule R336
41 Super Nutrition Powder R552
42 Prostasure Caps R396
43 Co Q-10 Caps R324
44 Bone Care Plaster R240
45 Diasure capsule (Glucoblock) R216
46 Joint Health Caps R336
47 Vitamin C Tablet R144
48 Digestant Tablet(Gastric Health) R192
49 Detoxin Pad R240
50 Blueberry Juice Granules R264
51 Anti Aging Caps R384
52 Blueberry Enzymes Tablets R276
53 Olive Soap R18
54 Sanitary Pads R48
55 Toothpaste R90
56 l power Softgel R288
57 Uterus Cleansing Pill R384
58 Clear/Wake R120
59 Smilife Skin Care Package R888
60 Blueberry Milk Tea R204
61 Anti Addiction Caps R420
62 Cellphone Radiation Plaster 216
64 Waist Protection Belt R840
65 Knee Protection Belt R540
66 Water Purifier Flask R1200
67 Advanced Massage Chair R22000
67 Jinpure Tea R156
68 Jinpure Caps R264
69 Livergen Caps R372

70 B-Carotene Capsules R264
71 Blueberry Slimming Body R372
72 MNM Longevity Capsule R372

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