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Your Body, Fueled By Nature

We live in a world shaped by natural resources, from plants and herbs to minerals and proteins, that can potentially transform lives for the better.

Herbal Clinic was founded to seek out those natural ingredients and health supplements that can improve our customers’ lives, whether they’re aiming to stall the aging process or simply want more energy throughout the day. We exist as your experts guiding you toward a longer, better life.

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Female Care Package

Green world products has done it again ,its always the best.

Helping our ladies to conceive ,naturally without any predicaments.Fibroids ,cysts ,infertility,hormonal imbalances etc

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Quantum Resonance Analyzer

2022 Newest 8TH Quantum Magnetic Resonance Body Analyzer 52 Reports

Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analysis,This instrument is an ideal promotion tool for beauty salon, SPA club, clinics, health examination centre, health food/nutrition suppliment/health care products shop, direct selling, massage center, etc. The operator can write out prescription based on testing reports. It’s also suitable for family use.

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  • Green World Products

    Strength in Products

    Being in the lead at R&D and technologies,

    Green World commits herself to select the best and purest herbs from all over the world and pursuing differentiated and diversified development of the products in order to satisfy the needs of all aspects of people’s life.

  • Green World Products

    Strength in Services

    Green World owns considerate, well-designed and advanced service system and workflow constituted by over 40 branches, professional service teams, and training teams.

  • Green World Products

    Strength in Brand

    Featuring a “Green, Professional, Safe, Healthy and International” brand image, Green World has become a lifetime reliable brand to its global consumers, and Green World products constitute an essential component of their everyday life.

  • Green World Products

    Strength in Concepts

    Adhering to the core values of “People-Oriented and Honesty First; Customer Prior and Quality First”, and the health concept of “From Nature, Beyond Nature, Back to Nature”, Green World endeavors to secure its pioneering position in initiation and implementation of the regimen concepts.

Green World Products Longevity Capsules

New product introduction

NMN Longevity Capsules Green World Products

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Green World Products natural herbal supplements

Green World General Natural Health Care Products

Our General Natural Health Care Products have been tested time and time again. We offer top quality care health items all with one goal; helping you to be prepared no matter what life throw at you.

We offer high quality vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements that can make a big difference in your diet. Do you want to have a healthier diet? Start Shopping Now for supplement that can make all the difference!

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Green World Business opportunity

Green World Business entry Levels

Option one: 3 Star Distributor

TO QUALIFY:Make once-off or accumulative purchase of the product for no less than 250bvs (R3000)

Benefits:The distributor of this status will receive 20% direct bonus on his/her direct bv and corresponding indirect bonus in that specific month.

Option Two: 4 Star Distributor

Option Three: 5 star Distributor

Franchise Business Owner

Green World Franchise Business

Our Franchise

Green World Group is a transnational group of companies engaging itself in scientific research and development, manufacturing of herbal medicine and herbal cosmetics of a complete systems-oriented nature with its headquarters (new products research and development) based in Michigan of the United States of America and manufacturing centres in both Tianjin and Nanjing of China.

In 2004, Green World Group was accredited GMP certification. The new products research and development is crucially important to an organisation that produces health and beauty products. Every year Green World earmark 5-10 percent of its annual revenues in research and development. Green World TCM Research Institute addresses itself in developing line-ups of products with high value-added and proprietary rights, improves the capacity of R&D, streamlines the product structure systematically and forms a pattern of developing, manufacturing, marketing and preparing one generation of products, on the strength of which Green World injects new life and meaning to the traditional Chinese medicine.

Green World at present has got more than 200 Chinese traditional herbal products and other food supplements ranging from minerals, trace elements, vitamins and concentrates, and they function as antioxidants, detoxifiers, balancers, supplements, essential nutrients, and etc. Green World has a fast-growing line in herbal products.

For the sake of efficient services and easy access of Green World business, Green World utilizes a system of Retail Shops through a serious minded businessmen Mr Jacob Moeketsi.

On July 14, 2021,  Greenworld first retail store was opened in Rosebank Mall Of South Africa, Johannesburg, the economic centre of South Africa. Mr. David L. Zhang, president of Green World African Region, Mr. Glory Guo, General Manager of Green World Johannesburg Branch in South Africa.



Ai: R1,000,000.00 (or its equivalent depending on the country currency )deposit is required, this covers shop setup/structures, completion of the shop and supply of goods to the shop and qualifies franchisee automatic 6* which allows franchisee a 35% cash back for every products purchased from the company.



Aii. R1,500,000.00, (or its equivalent depending on the country currency )deposit is required, this covers shop setup/structures, completion of the shop and supply of goods to the shop and qualifies franchisee automatic 7* which allows franchisee a 40% cash back for every products purchased from the company.


35%/40% respectively, according to the option above choose. The initial deposit excluding R500,000.00(or its equivalent depending on the country currency )which must be use for shop setup/structure and completion of the shop, must be paid back to franchisee as benefit while product worth the original amount deposited must be supply to the shop. And this benefits is carried out on every repurchase of products made by franchisee on monthly basis.
Company will also take care of all adverts which must always draw traffics to the shops.



  1. Must have relevant experience in retail business.
  2. Must have a good sales team abilities/esprit de corps, public relations, and must be sociable.
  3. Must have correct mindset and credibility, and always be customer-oriented, ready to offer the best available services.
  4. Must have the necessary funds to guarantee the effective operations of the store.
  5. Must locate the retails shops in the shopping malls; the size should be at least 70sqm. The proper shelf, banners, cash register, merchant machine should be installed.
  6. Must have business registration and tax registration.
  7. Must have an independent and fixed place of business that meets the requirements of the company, and shall be equipped with telephone, fax, computer, and other related equipment necessary for the business.


  1. Application form in duplicate.
  2. Two passport size photographs.
  3. One photocopy of the applicant’s Identity Card or Passport.
  4. One photocopy of the Store leasing contract or title of deeds of the properties/proprietorship certificate.
  5. One photocopy of the applicant’s residential address
  6. Retail shop owner must be registered as a distributor of Green World for commission calculation’s sake.


  1. The Applicant must have one of Green World 1 star manager and above to be the sponsor and register a number under him or her.
  2. The applicant should designate a salesman, whereby the Company (Green world) will appraise and assess the performance of the salesman.
  3. The company will give the training to the owner and sales team of the Retail Shop.
  4. The Company (green world) will make comprehensive analysis and assessment based on following contributing factors:
  5. Location and distributing of the Retail Shops, and population density, etc.

After the approval, an Agreement on Green World products Franchising Retail Shop shall be signed between the Company (green world), applicant, and sponsor. This Agreement is to be made in triplicate and the Parties hereto shall, after signing all copies, retain one copy respectively and the Agreement may be executed by the Parties in separate counterparts, each of which when so executed and delivered shall be an original, and all such counterparts together constitute one and the same legal instrument.


  1. Must come to the requirement of Green World CIS (Corporate Identity System) and must bear the logo of Green World in the façade of the shop; The words: “Retail shops” should be clearly indicated.
  2. Must have easy access to the communication facilities.
  3. The store should be dedicated to display and sell only Green World Products.
  4. The products should be displayed in a presentable manner.
  5. The sales price should not be lower than Green World Retail price. The actual price in the shop should subject to the approval of the company and report to the company for filing purpose.
  6. The retails shops must follow the layout of Green World CIS and must be up to green world retail shop standard and must remain uniform with other green world retail shops. The Company will send Inspectors to inspect the shop. All shops must have Sales area, Product display area and Scanning experiencing area.
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